The groovy music game

Train your sense of hearing and concentration with this extended deluxe-version of the legendary game of the 80's.

Turn after turn sensody adds 2 more tunes to the sequence which you must repeat in the right order. The more tones you play the more points you get. You can compete against your friends with the integrated highscore, or test yourself how much you improve over time.

The intuitive user interface has 8 colored buttons, which give you both acoustical and visual feedback.

sensody gives you 3 different levels of difficulty. From "easy" for beginners to "wicked" for music-pro's who can play without visual feedback.

Whats special on sensody:
You have a whole octave as a gamefield and you can play sensody in 3 different ways.
In normal mode, tones will be played on a random basis.
In songmode sensody plays tones on the basis of popular songs.
A additional feature comes the free mode where you can use sensody as a instrument.

Game features:
+ stylish userinterface
+ easy gameplay
+ accustical and visual feedback
+ 8 tones = 1 octave
+ 3 difficulties
+ 3 instruments: piano, organ, wahwah
+ 3 game modes
+ 10 songs in songmode (further ones will follow)
+ vibration support (only iPhone)
+ highscore

+ Multitasking (from iOS 4)
+ HiRes graphics (Retina Display)


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.